For the past 20 years Strategic Wealth Management has specialised in helping it's clients achieve their retirement goals and dreams. Successful business owners, partners in professional practices, senior executives and their families are helped to successfully transition into the next phase of their lives and once the pace of life has eased to enjoy a retirement that's happy, fulfilled and free.

Our directors, Stephen Marsh, Steven Hotham and Darren Berry, are experts in the field of retirement planning . Drawing from their wealth of first-hand experience and extensive knowledge they have combined to produce the content for this site.
The diagram below shows the retirement journey in phases during which we see many common questions arise. Through the blogs, guides and other resources on this site we seek to address these questions and many others.


• How much do I need to support me in retirement?
• How much should I be saving now?
• How do I check my progress?

• When can I fully stop work?
• How do I replace my monthly salary?
• Will I be suited to retirement?


• What will I do with my free time?
• How do I keep physically and mentally well?
• Will I outlive my money?

• Can I afford to help my children out financially?
• How do I get my affairs into order?
• What happens if I need to go into care?


Our specialisation in advising clients and their families on all aspects of retirement planning has led us to the development of an innovative, dynamic and interactive process through which we help our clients optimise the use of their resources and live their ideal life in retirement. If you would like to understand more about what we do and how we might help further, information is available on our website below.